mehndi price

Beauty Of Hands offere best mehndi price with years of expertise in the art of mehndi, our bridal mehndi packages start at just 4,100 rupees, and the final price depends on the intricacy of the design you choose. Additionally, we offer family packages starting at 11,000 rupees. Booking a family package not only saves you money but also ensures that the bridal mehndi, which typically costs between 15,000 to 51,000 rupees, is included in the group package. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to get the best value for your special occasion!

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Brdial Mehndi Package

₹ 4,100 starting

Per Person

Full Hand

Feet Mehndi Design

Choose By Customer

Brdial Family Package

₹ 7,499 starting

Bridal Mehndi + For Family (Full Palm Of Hands)

10-15 Family Members ₹ 8,499

15-20 Family Members ₹ 9,999